Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Update on my November Update

In case anybody comes here from ALOTTFMA (a totally awesome blog) I thought I'd post some thrilling updates to life since the Philadelphia marathon:

1) I won my office football pool and used the proceeds to buy a totally awesome 4G red nano and a Nike+ sport kit. I am totally in love with it.

2) I used my snazzy Nike+ sport kit to start an Amazing Race themed running challenge where actual runners are paired with TAR teams. I hope to win my challenge since I have managed to get paired with Romber -- a thing that can only help since I haven't been running much.

3) I ran a half marathon in Pheonix in January on the coldest day in Ariziona in the last 16 years. Seriously -- it was 21 degrees! I had a great day though and the best part was collecting an inflatable Southwest airlines jet hat. I'll have to post of picture of that soon since it totally rocks.

4) I guess I don't actually have four new things to post!