Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tuesday Run - 4 miles (3 run, 1 walk)

We've been having amazing weather this week. Nice and cool, low humidity, just about perfect.

I went to the park after work to run and I had a really good outing. I ran 3 miles along the river at an 11:00 pace and then walked the last mile back to the car drinking my water. It was a good run, not too hard, not too easy.

I'm getting really excited for Virginia Beach - it's only 11 days away!

This weekend I have to walk 18 miles to get ready for the 3-Day. I'm actually looking forward to it. How crazy is that?

As you can tell, I've pretty much given up on PhillyFit. I shouldn't have because it's a good program and I think it would be great for me if my only goal was the marathon but this summer it's just not quite the right thing for me because my focus is different from the groups.

On top of that, I've about had it with getting up early to workout. I need my sleep and I just don't get it with that organized running group.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend at the Shore

Brian & I headed down the shore this past weekend. It was great -- fabulous weather and very relaxing but it didn't do much for my training schedule, that's for sure.

Saturday we walked a little on the beach and then later to pick up dinner. Strolled is more like it for both outings but the total miles was probably around 4.

Sunday we went for a real "fitness" walk and it was good. The weather was hot, and pretty humid, but nothing a little Gatorade and a cold bottle of water couldn't cure. I think the walk only covered 5 miles or so but it felt good. I met a couple other 3-Day walkers who were finishing up 18 miles when I saw them and another woman stopped me to say she was a Stage III survivor and that she appreciated the efforts of the walkers. That was nice.

I wore my Supernovas because I didn't want to risk getting sand in my Asics. I can't believe I've worn them for so long because they totally suck compared to the Asics. I even got a blister! On a 5 mile walk!! What's up with that? I actually am very puzzled by the blister -- it's between my 3rd & 4th toes, a place I've never had a problem before. I think there must have been an odd string in my sock or something.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Inside and Outside

Last night was just beautiful! Not too hot, not too humid and with a nice breeze. I went to the park after work and ran about 3 miles and then headed home to tinker with the treadmill.

It's still not perfect but I did get it to a point where I could run a whole mile on it without fearing for my life. That's good because the thought of not having access to the treadmill spelled doom for my training plans and my waistline.

I ran outside without music or anything and it was good. I think my pace was as crazy as always but I never felt too bad. I started off walking, ran once I felt warmed up. I ran the second mile in 10:15, which is really fast for me, so at the 2 mile marker I started to walk and took a quick drink. I finished up running and overall I was pleased with it. I haven't run since last Thursday so I really needed this. If the weather holds up I might try to do the same thing tonight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's fixed! (I hope)

My treadmill was all messed up this weekend. SOmehow the belt went crazy and was scary to walk on at even the slowest speed. Running was out of the question.

yesterday I read online that you should turn it on and let it run by itself for as long as your normal workout or even longer. I did that and while it's not 100% it's a heck of a lot closer than it was and it's probably usable. At least I'm considering using it for a 30-minute run tonight when yesterday I wouldn't have dreamed of such a thing.

I walked somewhere between 9-10 miles on Sunday morning but that was my only workout of the week and it wasn't a high intensity thing at all. I need to get some miles in today even if I have to do it outside and since it's raining right now that's not looking promising.

I've realized that the 3-Day is looming and that I need to do a 15-20 mile walk either this weekend or next. I'm not sure how that's going to work with the weather and going to the shore (hopefully) but it really needs to happen or I'm going to be one of the 3-Day wimps I've been mocking.

Virginia Beach is only 19 days away. My current plan is to wear a 12:00 pace band and maybe one a little faster. I'll be OK with the 12:00 pace finish but I'd love to do better. I'm not sure that my training will allow much better than that though, especially if it's hot.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday Run/Walk - 5 miles

We were shooting for 8 miles today but only did 5. Same concept as Saturday but our hearts weren't in it, it was more humid and there was a park ranger in a souped up golf cart-ish thing on the trail spewing smelly exhaust that just made the whole ordeal very unpleasant. We turned around to get rid of the ranger and then I wimped out at the car instead of pushing for the extra 3 miles.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saturday Run/Walk - 9 miles

Well the alarming trend continues. I blew off my early morning group run to sleep in. I haven't been feeling well and the sleep seems to be somewhat beneficial to me.

After spending the morning catching up on chores Brian & I hit the trail in the late afternoon. We were on the Perkiomen on a part of the trail that's beyond where we usually walk. It was gravel and shaded so it was good. The heat and humidity weren't too bad so this ended up being a decent day out.

We started out slowly just getting into things but a little less than halfway into things we stepped up the pace and Brian started his fast walking and I started my running. It wasn't fast, somewhere between 11:44 and 12:00 per mile but it was plenty for my LSD and I'll be content if I can maintain this speed at either/both of the half marathons. All told, we did about 9 miles and I'd guess 6 of them were running miles.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Awesome Run

I only ran for 30 minutes tonight but it was a great run!

I pushed myself harder than usual by upping the MPH with every song that came on the iPod. I finished 2.75 miles in the 30 minutes which isn't spectacular or anything but that comes to just under 11 minutes per mile and that's faster than I normally run. Best of all I never felt like quitting, which is a refreshing change of pace.