Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Livestrong Challenge

Yesterday was great! Brian did his first cycling event in years and years and had a great time on the 45 mile bike ride. I did the 5K and hung out and was a Lance Armstrong groupie all day. I did slightly better this year getting his picture, but I didn't get a great one since Brian finished his ride before Lance came back from his. (LA did 100 miles yesterday).

The day was beautiful and they raised 3 million dollars in Philadelphia. Pretty neat. I had a great time watching the people come in from their ride. The best part was watching the little kids finish up their 10 mile bike rides. They were all so excited it was really great to watch it all unfold.

Next year I think I'll skip the 5K since it's pretty lame. I think I'll either try to ride my bike or volunteer.