Friday, April 03, 2015

Make it Happen

A friend of mine messaged me today saying he thinks maybe he wants to run a marathon this fall. It's not something he ever thought he'd want to do but now it is starting to look more appealing. We chatted a little bit and I encouraged him to pursue the idea. What I really wanted to do was jump up and down with glee thinking "YES! Another convert!"

I want every runner to finish a marathon.

There is nothing I like more than being out there on marathon day. The anticipation in the corrals before the start, the bliss of the first few adrenaline fueled miles and then settling into an easy groove. Feeling like a badass at mile 13 when the half marathoners take the turn to the finish line but you boldly keep on running in the other direction. Realizing around mile 17 that you are more than a little crazy for doing this, understanding how far you've come and how far you still have to go. Grinding it out in misery until around mile 23 or so when you start to feel lighter again because you know nothing but an act of God is going to keep you from finishing no matter what. Finally crossing the finish line and knowing that you did this supremely hard thing. A thing that everyone, even non-athletes, understand to be a hard thing. It's terrible and amazing all at once.

I know it's not the only important distance in running. I don't think it's the best distance or even the hardest distance but it's a special distance.

So if you are out there thinking about it -- get out there make it happen!


Kate Avery said...

Love this! You summed up my thoughts during those specific miles exactly! A marathon was something I NEVER dreamed of doing until a few years ago, and now that I've done several I love them. I truly think training for and running a marathon really will change your life :)!

Beth Torok said...

Yup. Ya nailed it. Except I do a lot more self cursing at 17 than what you descibe!!! Ha! I can't express completely what finishing a marathon did for me.... I hate them, but love them. So hard to explain....